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Day Care Centres in JP Nagar

Discover the right day care centres in JP Nagar

If you are located in JP and searching for the best day care centres in and around JP Nagar with ample spacious and child-friendly infrastructure, then you are just a step ahead. The day care centres, along with play schools will help a child to acquire a full range of activities.

Why day care centres in JP Nagar?

Daycare is essential for a child to attain learning at an early stage. Other important reason to have day care centres in JP Nagar is due to the busy schedules of the parents. Most of the families residing in JP Nagar might have two incomes to support the family, and it will also be difficult for a single parent to bring up the child. While day care centres provides specialized care and learning experience for a child in safe and secure ambience, we cater to the standards of modernized amenities.

Day care centres in JP Nagar gives easy access for the nearby parents to drop their child in the morning and pick up at their convenient time (afternoon or evening). Even though if you are late from work, you can extend the schedule timing and be relaxed so that you need worry to pick your child in a hurry. Day care caters to the age group of 4 months to 12 years.

Choosing the best day care centre

Parents always look for the day care centre that provides a safe, secure, and hygienic environment with excellent facilities so that a child can learn, play, and grow.

Growing Miracles is one of the top day care centres in JP Nagar provides well-structured schedule timing of child care. You child will be empowered with emotional and social development at the early stage. Our centre is filled with love, joy, warmth, fun, and activities that are essential for your child to grow physically and intellectually and gradually taking care of his/her needs independently.


Programme and Timings

Infant Programme: Age 4 months to 2.6 years

Pre-Schoolers & Schoolers Programme: Age Group 2.6 years to 12 years

Timings: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm


Spacious nap rooms, Gym Studio, Fun rooms

Adventure outdoor area

Well trained & Caring staff, Tuition for schoolers

24/7 CCTV surveillance

Hygienic & Healthy environment

Fresh home cooked nutritious lunch &Snacks program

Craft, Free style dance, Prayers, Yoga, Free style gymnastics, Calligraphy, Abacus & Much More...

Activities include

Body Kinesthetics





Story telling



Gardening and much more...

At day care centres in JP Nagar, your child will be introduced into a systematic, yet a fun-filled environment that helps to interact with other age groups, make friends and play along with them. Our teachers and non-teaching staff at day care centre are extremely trained, disciplined, and care every child with moral responsibility.

We aim to create a positive atmosphere that makes a joyful day for every child. Children here at our day care centre in JP Nagar will learn in different ways where he/she can able to identify a true meaning of life.