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Play Schools

Play Schools in Bangalore have enhanced towards an essential format of the education system for children below the age group of 5 years in an environment with the intention to contribute ethical teaching standards.

Play Schools continues to be the best practice for kids to develop knowledge in natural ability. It is extremely recommended for the child to increase observation skills, creativity, problem-solving, time management, embraces the value of life and much more.

We constantly maintain in remodeling a child's future prospects by making him/her well-prepared for the next level of schooling. As Play School is the fundamental step to the new world, we create a child-centric ambiance that addresses every child feel at home and at the same to make them learn the new concepts, mental exercises, indoor and outdoor activities, etc.

We at Growing Miracles empower a child to learn in a comfortable manner, fulfills to magnify physical, mental, spiritual and emotional traits and to build his/her a perfect example of moral conduct.

Growing Miracles is a highly acclaimed Montessori School in Bangalore, which has well-qualified teachers and trained Staff who give individual attention to each and every student. This type of methodology will foster our goals in nurturing quality education to explore the talents of each student.


Play Schools Bangalore

Before enrolling a child in one of the best play schools in Bangalore, parents research about the safety and hygienic environment in the school for the kids. Growing Miracles stands firm in a modernized and conventional way of curriculum that helps to discover the skills and talent of the child. We extremely plan in different ways of learning methodologies and build essential unique concepts in the curriculum that boosts the child's learning abilities.

Learning through distinct ways not only helps students to exercise every child's mind but also strengthens knowledge in a realistic world. With hands-on exploration, a child can develop senses to feel, taste, smell, hear and see things, and to identify different objects like alphabets, numbers, symbols, etc.

Program & Activities

List of programs of the Play School Program includes Infant Montessori, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten, Day Care facility, Parenting Skills Workshop and Seasonal Adventure Camps.

The top play schools in Bangalore provide a hub of activities which includes Music, Body-Kinesthetic, Creative Arts, Yoga, Painting, Rhymes & storytelling, Free Style Gymnastics, Drawing, Calligraphy, Prayers, Abacus and much more.


Play schools in Bangalore offer different ways of fun-filled learning methods that can grasp the attention of the kids. At Growing Miracles, we enable a curriculum that discovers a child's ability to get experience and train to develop the brain of the child.

Key Areas of Curriculum

  • Exercise of Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Maths
  • Cultural Education

Play School Staff

Growing Miracles' Play School staff of tutors are highly skilled oriented educators who have undergone the best quality education and certified training program for Montessori and Play Schools. Their passion is unmatchable, and the effort is consistency to serve as a mentor to groom the children by providing the right guidance to attain a meaningful future.

Our primary goal is to make the child independent so that he/she can able to understand the true value of life.